Rental Application Form

To apply for Blaisdell Center facility use, please fill out the form below:

Proposed Facility Use

ArenaConcert HallWaikiki ShellExhibition HallPikake RoomMaui RoomOahu RoomKauai







All ticket sales must go through Blaisdell Box Office

Please provide us with a brief description of your event. Describe any other activities planned to go along with this event. What is the planned set up of the venue? Expected audience: who will be attracted to this event? How many patrons do you expect to serve? General demographics.

List two auditoriums, arenas, halls and/or other facilities which have been previously leased or rented by applicant

Bank Reference

Please attach the following information applicable to the organization: i) A copy of your Articles of Incorporation and a Corporate Resolution for any corporate applicant. ii) A copy of any written agreements explaining the nature of your business organization; such as a partnership agreement of charter. iii) A copy of non-profit status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. iv) A copy of your State of Hawaii General Excise Tax Exemption.

* Applicant must provide an authorization letter to the bank; giving the Blaisdell permission to obtain information.

By clicking “submit”, the applicant hereby gives the Department of Enterprise Services permission to verify the information contained in this application and understands that:

(a) No date or facility will be held by the Department of Enterprise Services until this application is returned and approved by the Director of Enterprise Services; and

(b) If a tentative hold on a facility and date is approved based on the information contained in this application, and the Director of Enterprise Services determines the information contained herein is false or misleading, the tentative hold approved will be forfeited by the applicant, and 

(c) Any use of the Center is subject to the Rules of the Department and Rental Agreement.