• Seating Charts

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  • Arena

    The multi-purpose Arena is a circular and indoor public assembly and entertainment performance facility with unobstructed sight lines suitable for concerts, sporting events, large meetings, conventions, consumer shows, family shows and other specialty events.
  • Concert Hall

    This magnificent theater seats, 2,158 people in luxurious comfort. With continental seating a proscenium stage and modern lighting and sound systems, the Concert Hall can also be used for plenary sessions, symposiums, graduations and other large meetings.
  • Exhibition Hall

    Exhibition Hall
    The Exhibition Hall serves as an “on shore economic engine” a popular site for local events with 65,000 square feet of air conditioned exhibit space that can expand to 85,000 square feet when combined with adjoining spaces.
  • Waikiki Shell

    This magnificent shell-shaped facility - with its acoustically sophisticated stage, is an ideal location for twilight concerts, featuring balmy skies, lush greenery and -- of course - the Entertainment.
  • Carla Coray Galleria

    The Carla Coray Galleria, named for a past Director of Auditoriums, is the formal entrance leading to the Exhibition Hall. This dramatic high vaulted glass enclosure captures outdoor light and serves as a gateway to trade and consumer shows held in the Exhibition Hall.
  • Meeting Rooms

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